Things to do in Mauritius

Mauritius is a small island somewhere in the Indian Ocean amidst beautiful waters and rich flora and fauna. Like all islands in the Indian Ocean, this too attracts many tourists looking to enjoy the tropical weather and bask in some sun. But what differentiates this island is the ‘cost of living for tourists’. Mauritius is way cheaper than its counterpart islands, Seychelles and Maldives(also in the Indian Ocean). One of the reason is that they have Sugarcane plantations aplenty. So the strategy they use is, they export all of this superior quality sugar at the highest rates and import low quality sugar for minimal cost for their internal consumption. So Tourism is not the only source for Mauritius to add to their economy. Thus, it automatically becomes friendlier to tourist’s pockets.

Mauritius is so tiny that we can actually drive along the entire coastal perimeter in less than a day, which means you can explore the entire island well within 15 days (this depends on what kind of a traveler you are because I know of people who live there, but haven’t seen anything of the island). The island is approx. 65 km long and 45 km wide. It provides some unique experiences which you might not experience elsewhere. I have listed some must dos, so next time you are in Mauritius do not miss them out from your list.

Also, one point you will not find in this list is the list of restaurants to try seafood. I, being a vegetarian, I do not know much about fish. But from what I have heard, you might find lovely restaurants who serve fresh fish. So try it on!!

  • Water Sports – Scuba-Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Parasailing, Fly boarding, Ocean Walk and many more that you can choose from.
Flying Fish
  • Swim with Dolphins – Yes, that is correct. You not just get to spot them, but you can also get in the water and swim with them. And all this not in captivity, but in the open ocean. We had booked Dolswim ( for our unique Dolphin excursion. The day we visited the place, we were lucky to encounter two pods of Dolphins, which means hundreds of them near the shore. They apparently get close to the shore to mate and to feed. We got in the water and swam with them, looked at them from real close and marveled at these mysterious creatures.
Dolphins at Play
  • Sub-Scooter – Well this was something I had never heard of. So obviously, we were curious to try it. It is a scooter that can seat one or two. There is an accelerator paddle and a handle to change directions under water. So it was more like riding a scooter under water. And the whole experience, ENTHRALLING.
A School of Fish surrounding a sub-scooter
  • Walk with the Lions – This one is my best in Mauritius. Who would have thought, a petite girl like me could walk the lions? But here I am, the ringmaster and with me, Mr. Jungle King.
The King of the Jungle on my finger-tips
Relaxing the jungle beast
  • Explore Beaches – Well, it goes without saying, if you are on an island then there are beaches everywhere and in every direction. Do not go by the standard list of Mauritius beaches, because all you will find there is crowd. Instead, explore, find one for yourself because that will be the place where you will find YOU. A list to start with:
  1. St Félix
  2. Gris Gris
  3. Riviere des Galets
  4. Tamarin
  5. Belle Mare

….And many more

Blue Color palette in the Ocean
The entire sky turned into a Rainbow at Sunset
Virgin Beaches just for yourself – No soul to be seen


  • Drive along the Coastal Roads – In Mauritius, northern and southern halves are very distinct from each other. North is more populated, being residential and commercial hub. Whereas south is more secluded in its natural habitat. Public transport is not very great here. But hiring a car is equally easy and pocket-friendly. So just hire a car and get on the road. Drive along the coastal road and enjoy the waves crashing against the rocks.


  • Enjoy the Night Life – Grand Baie is one of the popular areas and night capital of Mauritius. We were lucky to have our resort 5 minutes away from Grand Baie. Few places we visited were Buddah Bar and Banana Beach Club. So after a hectic beach day, some live music and dancing is a welcome change.
  • Shopping – There are plenty of flea markets in North Mauritius which you can explore. You can buy some souvenirs for your folks back home. The best one can be a ‘Dodo’ souvenir. Dodo is an extinct bird and is also the national bird of Mauritius. You will find a Dodo even on their currency notes. You can also explore the Caudan Waterfront Grand Bay. Not just for shopping, but it has some amazing cafes and restaurants that overlook the water-body. So book a table and enjoy the view.
Flea Market at Caudan Waterfront
Caudan Waterfront Grand Bay

Mauritius is also famous for ship making. They are famous for making miniatures of all possible famous ships across the globe. You can buy these and add it your collection if you are a collector of miniature models.

Titanic Miniature
  • Chamarel Falls and Colored Earth – This is a small patch of land in South Mauritius comprising of seven distinct colors, colors ranging between hues of red and blue. The difference in color is due to different ratios of iron and aluminium mixed in the soil. Sometimes nature makes me wonder about its mysterious and magical ways to tell us how beautiful it can be.


  • Do Nothing!! – This is my personal favorite. Sometimes I like when I have no agenda for my travel. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the new place. Drive aimlessly, walk on streets, get lost and mingle with the locals. These are the best moments when you spot or find something best. So just go out there and enjoy ‘Nothing’.





So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get out there and explore the world before these natural beauties disappear under Global Warming!

Travel World, Travel Safe!



  1. Seriously? Walking with lions? Where have you been the last years? Read up on canned hunting and you will see this is a part of the chain. It starts with cub petting, where the cubs are taken from their mothers to be petted by stupid tourists. Then, when when they get older they get drugged to be walked by ignorant and non-educated tourists. Then, when they are old, they are put behind fences for another group of ignorant people. Those who pay to get to kill a lion and hang it on the wall. I’m chocked how people can be so egoistic and ignorant. Disgusting!


    • Hi Karin.. its good to see that there are people like you who care about animals and i appreciate that. But trust me i am as much an animal lover as you are. I know of places that do not treat animals well and sedate them for tourist’s entertainment. But the place we went, the authorities there did not hurt animals in any way. The timings of the walk were after lion’s lunch time. In fact it was their play time after lunch. Our walk was delayed too because the lion’s were aggressive and were not in a mood to play/walk. But after 30 minutes when lion’s were okay, we went for a walk with them. So ya i am sure they did not sedate the animals for this activity. In fact authorities patiently waited for lion’s good mood.

      But if i have hurt your sentiments, i apologize and i too am against animals’ exploitation.


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